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The Bird Booklets Project

This project is an attempt at identifying and documenting booklets containing bird stamps. While I was building it, I encountered several difficulties that I tried to solve as best as I could; the results I am offering in these pages are still incomplete and imperfect.  One reason is that I have been working with a very limited number of cases and the rules that I have formulated to guide me in the preparation of the inventory may not hold when more cases are brought into that inventory. 

Another is the identification of the booklets themselves. They are poorly described and unevenly reported in the standard world stamp catalogs (Scott, Stanley Gibbon, Yvert & Tellier, Michel). Sometimes the existence of a booklet is mentioned but most of the time only "booklet panes" are recorded and only if stamps on them differ somewhat from regular issue stamps (perforation seems to be the main cause). There are many more booklets around that are not recorded at all and that only their owners would know they exist.

This project is built along three main lines of interest: an inventory, the rules used to describe the items in the inventory and the illustrations of the items. I offer to your critical reading technical details on these subjects in a separate page; you will probably find there many occasions for clarification, correction, addition .... that I beg you to let me know. It is the best way for progress and improvement. 

When I started to assemble these pages, the inventory contained almost 400 items. The tabular information is presented ordered by country/year in 9 separate lists; illustrations when available are accessible via links on these lists. A complete listing in a pdf format (no illustrations) is available on demand. If you have or know about some booklet that is not in these lists, it would be very nice and useful if you would send me the appropriate information.

Illustrations are another area in which you could contribute. I have scanned the booklets in my possession with specific rules (72 dpi for the stamp pane, 50 for covers) and I intend to keep to these standards in order to present all illustrations with the same scales and limit the demand on disk storage. For several items I could not process myself, I have "borrowed" images from many different sources with a variety of resolutions and "rules" (single stamp instead of full pane for example). You can choose to play a role in the construction of an even better site by filling gaps or supplying better images; your contributions will be much appreciated.

I chose to open this site with illustrations for the first three lists only in order to offer the "tabular" inventory as soon as possible. I will keep working at adding the illustrations as fast as I can and I beg for your patience.

Hoping that you will find some interest and enjoyment in this project

Jacques Paris, June 2004